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A lot of people tend to forget that we also buy from Today, I'm listing products and where you can buy them from. I start with E.l.f as it is on my purchase decision list. I've however, used Physician's formula Organic wear Mascara and it is a must buy!

While making this move to switch to safer non toxic chemical free make up, you must have noticed that here in India, we are not left with a lot of options. I've discussed my rant and some great options in  the earlier post here. (Safe affordable chemical free cosmetics in India).

Today, I'm straight away listing out my finds from (A website that has database of makeup products and the ingredients used in them.) The link to their android app is here.
Unfortunately it has nothing on Indian brands like Lakmé or even Lotus Herbals. I've used nearly everything from the Lotus Herbals Ecostay range, but being an MBA has a great professional hazard that I just discovered. I always tend to look for a better deal.

Must Buy from Amazon | What to buy?

What can you safely order from amazon?

I don't know about you but I get really stressed when it comes to online
ordering. And I order a lot of stuff online. While, I have shared my research process on safe make up(here) and what I learnt from it, I will also share some of my very tried and tested products with you today.

I hate flipkart for always adding a delivery charge! Let me put this very straight to you—I'm a very cheap person. I will never pay for delivery. I'm spoilt to the T with free delivery.

Snapdeal and Amazon give you this great comfort to add Snapdeal fulfilled or Amazon fulfilled items and expect a free delivery. Before I get into my rant, let's move on to the list of things you can safely buy from Amazon.

 1. American Garden Apple Cider Vinegar 

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Janmashtami post | random

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dOveranalyst Vlogs | Title Track

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Positive Inspiration #PickMeUp on Monday

Looking for a pep talk to fight Monday blues?

Who isn't sad on a Monday?
It's ok to fight back. It is good to know how to fix your mood no matter what. That's when you really make the effort.
#MondayMotivation #Milestogobeforeyousleep #MilesNSmiles
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Best basic phones 2016 | Nokia?

While going ahead with the serious decision of shopping for basic phones, I really lost it. 
Obviously, I looked at a few articles, some videos and what not. Then, I thought, (we all have those moments), "Am I seriously spending so much for a basic phone? "I mean, time and energy! Come, on.

What you should know about selfies

Ok. Let me...let me break this to you.
He went on that date by just seeing selfies.
Wait.What? (Laugh)